Partners for Forest Stewardship

Annual Workshops

2012: Sustaining Nature in an Urbanizing Landscape (November 8, 2012)

  . Workshop Agenda
  . Welcome - Exploring How Nature, Growth and the Built Environment Can Coexist in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor
  . Making the Case for Sustaining Nature
  . Maryland Sustainable Growth Commission
  . Planning for Climate Change Adaptation and Healthy Forests at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  . Strengthening the American City - Smart Growth and the Natural Landscape
  . Transportation Improvement Projects

2011: Forest Ecosystem Services (October 27, 2011)

  . Workshop Agenda
  . Welcome: Forest Ecosystem Services - Valuing Nature's Benefits to People and Our Local Communities
  . Anne Arundel Nutrient Trading Demonstration Project
  . Effects of Land-Use Change on Ecosystem Services
  . Environmental Literacy: Communicating Nature’s Values to Students and the Public
  . Introduction to Ecosystem Services
  . Free Tools to Assess Ecosystem and Values of Trees
  . Genuine Progress Indicator: Redefining Prosperity
  . Overview of Ecosystem Service Markets in Maryland

2010: Threats to Urban Ecosystems (October 28, 2010)

  . Workshop Agenda
  . Assessing Ecological Systems in Urban Areas
  . Climate Change Impacts on Forests in the Mid-Atlantic Region
  . Development and Population Expansion in the Baltimore-Washington Region
  . Impact of Deer on Forest Ecosystems
  . Introduction of Threats to Urban Forest Ecosystems
  . Sustainable Sites and Sustainable Development
  . Urban Forest Management and Coordination
  . Urban Heat Islands and Human Health

2009: Climate in the Corridor (October 26, 2009)

  . Workshop Agenda
  . Benefits of Sustainable Forests
  . Climate Change and Frog Populations
  . Maintaining Healthy Ecosystems to Protect Public Health
  . Divining the Regional Consequences of Climate Change
  . Monitoring and Forecasting Changes in Forest Landscapes
  . Planning for Bird Habitat in the Face of Climate Change
  . Prioritizing Local Strategies to Address the Global Challenge of Climate Change